Funny Speech Topics

So what makes funny speech topics when formulating a wedding speech?

Well what you want is material that is interesting to the listener, something that will hook your audience and get them eager to hear more. And there's nothing like a funny tale that's told at someone else's expense to get the laughter rolling.

When it comes to developing humour the art is in the delivery so choose your format very carefully. What you are aiming for here is to build up a picture of your subject and then tell a story in a way that's fun and entertaining.

The funny thing about being funny is that not everyone shares the same sense of humour. We don’t all find the same jokes funny, or laugh at the same comedians or split our sides over the same sitcoms. We all have different taste - which can make writing a funny best man speech rather tricky.

It is so important at a wedding to be sensitive to your audience. You will need to choose your supposedly funny speech topics very carefully. There will be people of all ages and all backgrounds so how can you appeal to everyone? The answer is not to tell a series of jokes and one-liners in the hope that a percentage of the audience will find at least one of them mildly amusing.

One of the most effective ways to write a funny speech is to tell a story.


We all love to listen to a story. Especially one where there is a sting in the tale!!! Anecdotes and stories will bring your speech to life.

Your story will have a subject and a theme. So for the Best Man your subject is obviously the Groom. Father of the Bride is all about your daughter and for the Groom it is all about your beautiful Bride.

Here's a very funny example of storytelling where the best man or father of the bride dispenses marriage advice to the happy couple.

How to write a speech that’s funny!

Your story should have a point to it – a recurring theme so the speech flows naturally and if there’s a moral to it – even better.

When you are looking for funny speech topics and ideas for your stories, start by doing some research. Take a trip down memory lane to remind yourself of all those times you’ve laughed and cried together. Get out the photo album and transport yourself back to those special moments.

Make notes, talk to everyone who knows them and dig around for as many stories and quotes as you can. Find out what they were like as a child. What did their teachers say about them – check out old school reports for a wealth of good quality material and potentially funny speech topics.

Comedy is a skill you can learn. Much of it is in the delivery but it also depends on the quality of the material.

Think about those times you’ve been down the pub and had all your mates in stitches as you regaled them with the details of an embarrassing moment or a hilarious episode. Writing a speech is no different. Of course, for a wedding, embarrassing scenarios will need to be very skilfully told.

A great way to do this is to tell these stories in the form of rhyme. Known as a speech ode it condenses tall tales into just a couple of lines. They are ideal for a wedding because they engage the audience as they anticipate the next line and guess what word you will choose that rhymes with the one before. Delivery is easy because you don’t have to learn any lines by heart and you can read it straight off the page.

People have short attention spans. You don’t want to see people get up to go to the loo, or start fidgeting in their chairs or even worse start talking amongst themselves whilst you are delivering your speech.

So if you can get their attention and then hold on to it you are onto a winner!!!

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