How to write a speech -
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If you want to know how to write a speech that's funny, entertaining and a joy to deliver then you are in the right place. There is no need to feel daunted about how to write a speech we are going to show you how - the easy way. Let’s get cracking…

So what makes a good speech? There are two key elements to creating a good speech – Heart & Humour!

First and foremost – write it from the heart. This makes it personal.

Then throw in some humour and deliver it in style!

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well it is for us and it can be for you because we are going to show you how to create a speech that’s totally unique to your special occasion. This will be one that everyone will remember forever - for all the right reasons!

So read on and we’ll guide you through the process.

The key to any success is in the preparation. You may have heard the phrase Fail to Prepare and you Prepare to Fail. Preparation is everything – so when preparing how to write a speech start early and give yourself as much time as possible.

Make a plan and set yourself some realistic goals. So it will look something like this:

1. Research - gather material by 16 weeks before the wedding
2. Format - Write an outline by 12 weeks before the wedding
3. First draft- completed by 10 weeks before the wedding
4. Practice – start 8 weeks before the wedding
5. Practice – in front of an audience 6 weeks before the wedding
6. Practice – continue to practice up to the date

A good tip is to take the date of the wedding and work backwards. Leave yourself plenty of time for the 3 P’s –

Practice, practice, and more practice!


Start straight away and collect information and as much material from as many different sources as you can. You may have known them for a very long time but so have others and they may have some really juicy bits of evidence you can use.

Start with immediate family. Mums and Grans tend to keep all sorts of bits of memorabilia such as photos, old school reports (these are usually great sources of material that can be used), letters, postcards etc

Talk to friends, family and colleagues to build up a real picture of his/her life to date. What is he/she renowned for? What do they love about him/her? What annoying habits does he/she have? What interesting events took place on the day or year he was born? Newspaper headlines can provide great flashes of inspiration for a speech.

For more great ideas to get your creative juices flowing on how to write a speech take a look at these interesting speech topics.


Choosing the format for your speech will depend on a number of factors particularly your own preference and taking into account your own style. But whatever format you choose your speech will need to have a structure and you should start your speech by creating a speech outline.

What to include in your speech

When planning how to create a speech make sure you include the following:

  • Introduce yourself to the audience
  • Your relationship to the bride and/or groom
  • The reason you are all there ie to witness this made for each other couple tie the knot and begin their new wonderful life together – you get the drift
  • How long you have known him/her
  • Funny anecdotes of your time together
  • Specific thank you’s. Each person delivering a speech will have to thank specific people –

    For example the Best Man will always include the following when writing his speech:
  •  Thank the groom for the toasts
  • Compliment the bridesmaids
  • Congratulate the happy couple
  • Thank anyone who has helped him
  • Talk about the groom in an entertaining way
  • Read telegrams and messages from absent friends
  • Raise a Toast. Tradition dictates that the best man's toast should be to both sets of parents however, nowadays most will toast the bride and groom

So whether you are the Best Man, Father of the Bride, Groom, Chief Bridesmaid or even the Blushing Bride to help you get started we've developed these useful Hints & Tips for writing the ultimate wedding speech. 

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