Perfect speech ideas!

We've produced a number of really great speech ideas for you to consider from a basic, short and traditional speech to an interactive wedding quiz involving all the guests!

Choosing the right speech idea and the right format for the delivery of your speech is crucial to your success. What you want is something different, something unexpected that creates interest and will hold the attention of your audience and evoke a mixture of emotions.

That means lots of laughter and if you are really sincere maybe even a few well chosen tears. Sincerity is the key. People will respond to genuine kind words but not sloppy sentiment.

With this in mind there are a number of speech ideas that you might like to consider, starting with a basic short speech.

The basic speech includes all the necessary thank you’s, a funny anecdote about the bride or groom or both, perhaps a joke or two and ends with a toast.

For details on what to include and who to thank in your speech have a look at these pages:

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The wedding quiz is one of the best speech ideas to get everyone involved. It takes a bit of work but the results are really worth all the effort. You can create your quiz with questions about the happy couple, or the bride, or the groom and have some real fun with the multiple choice answers. You might like to give a prize to the person who had the most correct answers. You could put the guests into teams – each table could be a team and it’s a great way for the guests to relax and get to know one another.

Alternatively create a quiz where the multiple choice answers make the funniest points. You won’t need to confirm which answer is correct - the audience can draw their own conclusions. When delivering this type of speech timing will be of the essence for maximum effect.

Bride/Groom’s school work will certainly be something that’s unexpected. When you do your homework you may find that the bride or groom wrote something particularly poignant while they were at school in the form of an essay or poem. A school report would work just as well and can provide a wealth of innovative speech ideas.

Simply read out the best bits that you can use to make the most amusing references to his or her current behaviour, occupation or personality traits.

Props can be used to get that extra laugh which is always welcome. You could start by taking out your speech from your pocket and announce that you have written a short speech to mark the occasion. As you do so reams of paper unravel to make it look like a very long speech indeed! Fax rolls are ideal to use for this.

Here are some more interesting speech ideas you can use: Huge photos blown up to demonstrate the bride or groom’s sense of fashion, early signs of their chosen profession, hair raising styles etc. You get the general gist.

You could use a set of photos from baby to current day to tell a story. These can be used to form either part of, or all of your speech. It also works very well if you make up sets of photos and put them in envelopes for each of the guests to look at when the time is right.

Photos can be edited so you can show the bride and groom in the same photo. This could show them at the same age, or wearing similar or very different styles, or in brownie or cubs uniforms. It will always raise a laugh.

Shopping list is an old favourite that works a treat if it’s been planned and prepared very carefully. Basically the speech maker pulls out his shopping list from his pocket “by mistake”. When he realises this is in place of his speech he has to use the shopping list as prompts for amusing comments about the bride and/or groom.

For example:

Shopping list:

  • 2 loaves of thick sliced bread: - “Well let’s face it Luke never uses his loaf does he".
  • 1 carton of double cream: - "He looks like the cat that’s got the cream. After all he has chosen the crème de la crème with his beautiful bride Lucy by his side".

I think you get the drift.

So out of all these great speech ideas, in our opinion, without a doubt, the best kind of speech for any wedding is a speech ode or poem. Using words that rhyme adds a different dimension holding the attention of your audience as they anticipate what’s coming next.

Speech Ode
The advantage of delivering a speech ode is that you can read it straight off the page – there is no need to memorise it. The words have a natural rhythm and with practice you can pause for effect and engage your audience ensuring you deliver with confidence and style.

So what is an ode?

Well the definition of an Ode (noun) is:
A lyric poem, typically addressed to a particular subject with lines of varying lengths and complex rhythms.

A Poem (noun) is:
A composition in verse, usually characterised by words chosen for their sound and suggestive power as well as for their sense.

Simply put it means you can express the writer’s personal feelings and thoughts in a really fun way. It’s a bit like the lyrics of a song or rap – your speech gets into a rhythm of its own and the listener anticipates the words to come.

This can be a really powerful way to inject some humour into your speech where you choose your words to have maximum impact on the audience and in particular, the subject.

A speech ode is truly personal and is written from the heart. Add in a splash of humour and you have the perfect speech. To make it even easier for you we have created a FREE Best Man speech ode for you to personalise with your own bride and groom’s names as well as a FREE Grooms speech ode.

Once you have decided on the format and the right idea to deliver your speech you are ready to do some research and come up with some great material to use. You can then begin to create your speech outline and start to write your own speech .

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